Beauty. Sex. Intimacy. Love. A blog of reblogs, and wandering thoughts of the woman I love. Some things in a relationship are too personal to share openly, but such a desire to express them doesn't fade or wane, and isn't simply pushed aside. I created this blog because of her, for her, and I'll be using it to write anonymously and share how wonderful it is to be in love.

Dainty Flicks

We’re staying at a lovely lovely fancy hotel this weekend  ♡ Unable to spend the 14th together we’ve decided to go all out with our plans. Not only is it a belated valentines but it coincides with our anniversary! Waking up to that date in one another’s arms is something I honestly can’t wait for. To get lost in each others warmth and feel her so close to me. To hold her and love her. I just want to be by her side, because in the moments that I am there, everything just feels right.

I love her.

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